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Leadership Coaching

There is no one secret or magic pill that will turn someone into a good leader. There are a few guiding principles and strategies that I have come across that I would like to share with you in the leadership coaching field. First leaders are always grounded. They should know who they are and where they are going. They should be open to possibilities whether it be their own or the worlds. leader on phone

Second, leaders should provide principles, perception, and designs to influence others to higher levels of continuing success. They should set the example, set forth the process, and bring about the processes for anyone to stick to the same principles. Leadership coaching should help with this.

Third, a good leader will have a strong set of beliefs and values the will govern their behavior. They should be influenced in every way by values. A good leader might define their job as identifying and constantly communicating commonly head values, or shaping such values to enhance performance.

Remember these are just some things I have come to know. They are not a quick answer to becoming a leader. But as Frances Hesselbein once said "While strategy and tactics change all the time, the fundamentals of leadership do not." I cannot stress enough how important values are to a leader. Leadership coaching should help the client find their values through finding their true self. If an individual doesn't know who they truly are they have a hard time leading themself. And if you can't lead yourself who can you lead?

But finding your true self is a difficult and sometimes daunting task. There are many different things that go into the the make up of an individual. Those in the leadership coaching field sometimes need a little help through personality reports to be able to get an understanding of the clients true self. Most personality reports out there will just show how an individual sees themselves at that point of time. This is not very useful when you need to know the true self. This is when you need the Identity Profile. The identity profile will not just tell you an individuals personality but instead it will help you get a grasp on that individuals true identity.

Leadership Coaching Should Focus On These Key Areas:

Being grounded, open to possibilities
Providing principles, preparation, and designs
Setting a good example
Having a strong set of beliefs and values
Fundamentals of leadership do not change
Finding values by finding true self

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