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Career Coaching

An individual's employment is very important to cause a feeling of satisfaction and self confidence. If anyone is doing a job that constantly causes feelings of failure or self doubt it is very difficult to have any feelings of satisfaction at any level. The field of career coaching is designed to help individuals find that satisfying job.


Remember it is not what your client does for a living that is most important, what is important is who they really are. Defining who your client is needs to be first, and then find a way to help them make money that satisfies who they are.

A good example of this is when Michael Jordan left a very successful career in basketball to play baseball. I first wanted to compliment him for the desire and drive to be the best he could be. But when he started to struggle in the sport of baseball and could not compete at the same level as the professional baseball players he became discouraged. He felt enough frustration that he needed to prove to himself he still had the “mojo” so he went back to playing basketball again.

In career coaching it is vital to know that every one of your clients have talents that when used, will find their “mojo” and become more satisfied and driven to success in their life.

Everyone desires a career that provides a great level of satisfaction. Sometimes we might have a job where we enjoy what we are doing but have a hard time fulfilling our requirements. At other times we might have had jobs that we are really good at, but just don’t enjoy the work we have to do. To find a career that will satisfy both enjoying our job and being good at it we have to find who we really are. We need to not only find what we like but we need to find that underlying drive for everything we do in life. 

By helping your clients know themself and play the game of life the way they are designed to play they will learn how to manage their life and get the maximum results from their efforts. The only way to help your clients is to help them really know themself what it is that drives them in life. Through the Identity Profile you can gain this knowledge and help your clients get the job they deserve.

Career coaching should focus on these key areas :

Feelings of satisfaction
Who more the what
Finding the "mojo"
Finding what you enjoy
Finding what we you good at
Find the underlying drive
Play life the way you were designed to play

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