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Success in today's complex global arena is challenging, and the rules are always changing.  Executive coaching should help clients lead today's organizations into tomorrow's competitive arena and will require teamwork, collaboration, and efficiency. The roles of executive leaders are changing. The old all-powerful "boss" system is no longer effective in most arenas. Today's executive should be look upon as a team leader, mentor, motivator, and human resource specialist. This "new" executive should think in terms of return on investment, profitablitiy, excellence, and effectiveness.

For executive coaching to best prepare your clients for today's new challenges, have them ask themsleves questions such as: Am I the best I can be? How can I meet the needs of my people while satisfying the needs of the company? How can I improve the productivity of my department and my team? Am I current in my understanding and use of "people knowlegde" and techniques to help individuals excel? Am I effective as an executive? Can I become more effective, efficient? The best results come when your program is more then a learning needs to be a becoming program.

So what makes an executive succeed? Here are just a few of the factors that those in the executive coaching field should look at when creating a successful executive:

1. Personal individual strengths-initiative, self-confidence, emotional stability.

2. Willingness to spend time and effort to improve-being a student of self-development, refusing to rest on your laurels.

3. Good, strong personal relations with workers and other management people, ability to manage workers and communicate with other colleagues and executives.

To create and lead an organization that will maintain a competitive advantage during such turbulent times, many executives will have to transform an organizational culture that was founded on yesterday's paradigms, executive coaching should help with this. If any executive does not know what his or her own thinking styles are it is very difficult to lead an organization. If you can't lead yourself who can you lead? Knowledge of ones thinking styles is the greatest tool one can achieve. The Identity Profile will help you find out what your clients thinking style is which in turn will help you to create a successful executive out of anyone that steps into your office.

Executive Coaching Should Focuses On These Key Areas:
on phone
New and complex arena
No more all-powerful "boss"
The "new" executive
Personal indivual strengths
Spending time and effort to change
Good strong relations
Ability to manage
Thinking styles - can you lead yourself?
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