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When you receive a new client, it takes a little while of getting to know them to find what their strengths and weaknesses are. As you know, getting to know your client is very critical to the process of personal coaching. Without knowing your client there is no way you could coach them.

Personal coaching is about finding a way for your clients to pay themselves. Without self payment there no success. Think of it this way: how long would you work for an employer without getting paid? Would you work a week? How about a day? The answer to that question should be the same answer to this question: how long would you work for yourself without getting paid? Paying yourself is essential to getting on the road to success.

Finding the best form of payment is different for every client. Some people enjoy a good boxing match for thier payments while others enjoy a peaceful walk in the park. The trick is to find out what it is that would give your client the greatest amount of payment.

The only way to find what the greatest amount of payment is to understand your client's thinking style. You need to know what it is that drives them and motivates them. The Identity Profile helps you to understand how your client see's life and what the motivating factor is in his or her life. It will give you the necessary information to help you client make a radical move towards success.

Personal Coaching Should Focus On These Key Areas:

Finding key strength and weaknesses
Greatest amount of payment
Understanding thinking styles
Find the underlying motivating factors

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