Self Regulation Theory and Work Motivation - getting a grasp on true motivation.
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Self Regulation Theory and Work Motivation
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Self Regulation Theory and Work Motivation

Self regulation, which is like an ongoing inner conversation, is the component of emotional intelligence that frees us from being prisoners of our feelings. People engaged in such conversation feel bad moods and emotional impulses just as everyone else does, but they find ways to control them and even channel them in useful ways.
Self regulation is the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods. Knowing your rules is the propensity to suspend judgment – to think before acting.
People who are in control of their feelings and impulses – that is, people who are reasonable – are able to create an environment of trust and fairness.
Self regulation is important for competitive reasons. Everyone knows that business today is rife with ambiguity and change. People who have mastered their emotions are able to roll with the changes. They don’t panic.


An individual with self regulation will have values that are personal and significant in their life.
The values that state who we are without compromise.
They hold the bar to the standards of being who we are.


In the process of finding your motivation a plan needs to be implemented and the first part of any plan or method for success is to understand what your payment is. How do you pay yourself? Many people go their whole life looking for and dreaming of the best way to create joy. What is the best way for me to understand and implement the joy of paying myself?

You can never achieve a goal you set without being able to pay yourself. So in the process of writing that plan or outline it is important to know that there are many different ways write it. The important thing is that you have to write that plan in a way that the mind can see and understand it. If the mind cannot see a strategic application to the information it finds itself lost and looking for alternatives that seem easier.

It is important to know how your brain thinks and know what the programs are that have been inscribed with you. Do you solve problems with a spatial integration or with a tactical application? Knowing what your preferred method to solve a problem is and how your programs operate will help you to overcome the negative programs that stop you from achieving your goals. It is also important to know what programs get in your way so that you can rewrite your plan and overcome, or rewrite, those programs.

The only way to know what your preferred problem solving method is, is to take the Identity Profile. After knowing how your brain thinks you can then create a plan and payment plan to best suit you. Only then can you create true motivation for yourself. Whether it be work motivation or in any other aspect in life.

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