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When you receive a new client, it takes a little while of getting to know them to find what their strengths and weaknesses are. As you know, getting to know your client is very critical to the process of life coaching. Without knowing your client there is no way you could coach them.

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Life coaching is about getting your clients to find their talents and strengths and play to those strengths. I am talking about those abilities that each person is born with. Some people are born to be courageous or generous, others are born with wisdom or fortitude. Everybody is born with distinct virtues that are unique to them. Science has identified that how an individual solves problems is based on their unique brain chemistry setup. This setup consists of both what an individual was born with and the things that have been learned. These problem solving strategies, or talents, are different for everybody and that is what makes it difficult to find what your clients talents are.

The best way to predict the future is to create it! Life coaching is a process that should help the client determine for themself what they see for their future. What resources or talents are available to capitalize on and ensure success. To be able to do this you must find what it is that drives your client. What makes them tick. After finding this driving force it is then much easier to find that missing factor to help them succeed to the fullest.

Find you clients drive is a very difficult thing. In fact it could be nearly impossible without help. The Identity Profile helps you to understand how your client see's life and what the motivating factor is in his or her life. It will give you the necessary information to help you client make a radical move towards success.

Life Coaches Should Focus On These Key Areas:

Finding key strengths and weaknesses
Play to talents
Creating the future
What resources or talents are available
Finding the motivating force

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