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I've spilled the beans about how ANYONE -- no matter who you are OR what your background is -- has the ability to breakthrough barriers holding you back...

If you are a coach looking for the missing link in your process read on to Discover the secrets for the newest and most dramatic way to change lives...

If you're a coach (any type of coach), and you're reading this right now, it's probably because you are looking for new breakthrough techniques to get your clients to skyrocket to the next level. You know, the level that everyone dreams of getting to. Maybe you are even seeking that level for yourself where you can have...
  • A pure and genuine love for yourself.

  • True joy and happiness rooted at the core of your being.

  • The satisfaction found in creating your outcomes.

  • A definitive answer to the question -- Who Am I?
  • Or maybe you are an individual that has been wanting to start in the coaching business and looking for a head start...

    With this powerful tool I'm about to reveal, this and so much more is in store for you. A tool so powerful that you will not only relate to your clients at a much deeper level, but once you teach your clients how to use this tool, they'll explode into hyperdrive, eliminating any barriers that stand in their way.

    My name is Jeff Allen, and in 2003 I created a comprehensive program that has been transforming lives at remarkable rates. Now used by hundreds -- the Point Zero Identity Profile will take your clients to the top.

    This profile is the foundation for any personal development and will give the clients you are coaching more gain in their mental, emotional, and spiritual growth

    The real beginning of coaching starts with knowing your client's true self, and when you do, the magic in life -- I like to call it success -- will engulf your client's every action.

    I don't know if you currently use personality reports in your process. If you aren't I highly suggest you start because they are a fast track to getting to know your clients better.

    If you are currently using personality reports you are no doubt finding the same short comings that inspired me to create this comprehensive profile.

    When I started to use other personality reports in my process I found that although they did help me, it was only to an extent. I was not able to use the personality report the way I wished I could. I found that the report was close, but it did not reveal my client's true self.

    I searched high and low looking for a personality report that would meet my needs.

    But it seems everywhere I looked, all I found is company after company trying to pass off the same old, run-of-the-mill personality report as a "revolutionary" new service.

    And the shocking part is, they're all selling the same thing:

    Their reports will show you how your client sees themself...not who they truly are.

    ... But give me a break! Does this give you the ablity to truly change lives? Of course not! This is just the bare minimum EVERY coach needs to get by.

    What you really need is the ablility to...

    1. Totally understand what motivates your client and how to help them get the success they deserve…
    2. Find out what your clients were meant to do for a living…
    3. Determine your client's best style of learning quick and easy and save thousands of hours of trying to figure it out yourself …
    4. Take the first best step to truly find out who your client really is…
    5. Greatly improve the relationship with your clients and help your clients improve the relationships in thier life...
    6. Help your clients understand how to create thier personal happiness, consistently…
    7. Help your client be in control of thier life and know what to do to maintain steady personal awareness…

    So all this research got me thinking... If I'm this frustrated, after spending 2 years and literally thousands of hours trying to put together other personality reports and make them fit my needs, how frustrated are YOU?!

    The average coach doesn't have the time to deal with problems like these. And you don't want the SAME personality report that every other coach and their dog is using!

    What you want are TWO things:

    • "An advanced, truly deep-probing identity profile " that only a select handful of professional coaches are using that can help almost GUARANTEE the success of every client you see!

    • An "all-in-one" solution that lets you link the critical components of your client into one complete, hassle-free report that you do NOT need a Ph.D. in Psychology to use!

    ... Both of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

    So I decided that, since I couldn't find such a report anywhere else, I'd create it myself... both for my personal use... AND to offer to all fellow coaches that have been experiencing these exact same frustrations.

    I have compiled years of research and studies, done by researchers such as Freud, Jung, and Maslow, Paul MacLean, and Bruce Lipton to gain more understanding on how the brain works. Using this research, and thousands of hours of our own, we have created this extensive identity profile.

    At first I wasn't sure if the identity profile was as powerful as I wanted it to be.

    But wow...when I started using my Identity Profile, I found that it was not just another personality report. This is a true identity profile. When I sat down with my clients and read through the report for the first time they could not believe how precisely it hit the nail on the head. I could pull truths and facts directly from the profile and apply to my clients. And let me tell you... the gains with my clients increased exponentially. I found this report really helped my clients elevate up the path to success by allowing me to truly understand them so that I could help them truly understand themselves. This in turn allowed them to change to the core.

    “Through the Identity Profile, I’ve discovered new things about myself, and had many things I already knew about my thought processes and personality affirmed. This has served to provide me with a roadmap, guiding me on to new successes, while helping me avoid those pitfalls that formerly led to frustration.”
    -- Small Business Owner, NW United States
    "When my wife read my report and got a better understanding of who I am and my inner motivations, she ordered one for herself so I could understand her better too!" "Now our relationship has gone to a whole new depth of love and appreciation."
    -- -- Jarod Seamons, CEO, South Africa
    "I loved the report. I was so enthralled and amazed how precise it is to my character. It has been very insightful and a great tool for me to use."

    "This has been very eye opening to what I need to do to “pay” myself to achieve better happiness in my personal and professional life."
    -- Alli ReuVeu, Phoenix, AZ


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    Until a person knows who they really are, they cannot know for certain what it is they want to accomplish in business or in life.

    I have found that using this identity profile has helped my clients to…

  • Develop and sustain all the success they desire in not only their careers, but home life also.

  • Stimulate all the courage and confidence required to win consistently.

  • Learn their personal stress mechanisms to help them overcome anxiety.

  • Experience self-awareness, self-love, and gain unprecedented success.
  • I have been in the coaching business for over five years now so I know how you are always looking for a way to get your clients to the next level (I know I am). The hard, honest fact of the matter is that until your clients understand how their brain works and how to change their programs they will always be stuck. With this profile and a little training for professional life coaching, or any type of coaching, you will be able to help your clients achive the level of success they have been dreaming of.

    Finally, there is an easier way to not only help your clients understand how their brain works, but how to reprogram those destructive programs that are holding them back.

    This amazing new discovery will change your life, and your clients’ life forever! Through a specially designed process, the personal identity profile, along with executive and personal coach training, can help you achieve the level of success with not only your coaching business, but also with your clients. The success you've been working towards.

    By now you are probably wondering how you can get your hands on this powerful report for your clients...

    It's quite simple actually, if you are a coach and want to gain acess to the personal identity profile for your clients all you have to do is join my affiliate program. After that it takes no effort on your part!

    If you don't know how an affiliate program works it is very simple. Once you join my program you will recieve a special link that you can place on your website. Then when you want to have a client take the test just have them go to your site and click on your link. The test will be tracked directly back to you and you will receive 20% of the sale! You can give this money back to your client or keep it for yourself, it is completly up to you.

    Go to Winning Personality now, and see for yourself how this profile will give your clients more gain in their mental, emotional, and spiritual growth!

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